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July 1, 2022

Former Southern University Football Player Develops NIL Consulting Program for Louisiana Student Athletes, Parents, & Coaches

Staff writers | JULY 1, 2022 

K1CK (Kingdom 1st Counseling & Konsulting), is a US-based, sports and entertainment counseling, consulting, and professional development program created and developed by former Southern University football player, and founder, President, and CEO of NEW HEIGHTS BMC and NHBMC ENTERPRISES, Virgil Smothers, 


K1CK-4U University Project is a new initiative developed by NEW HEIGHTS BMC and is set to launch fall 2022. 

“We seek to work with college and university athletic departments to provide “NIL” (Name-Image-Likeness) consulting, and also sports counseling and professional development services to student-athletes, as well as high schools and youth programs. For the parents who would like to better understand NIL and the NIL guidelines and/or internal athletic administration (coaches, athletic directors, and other administrative staff) wanting to learn more about how to discuss NIL, NIL monetizing, and/or NIL opportunities with current or even future college prospects…K1CK-4U can help,” says Virgil Smothers. 

K1CK-4U is designed to help high-schools, colleges, and universities create a pathway for the program to work with them and serve their student-athletes in many of the same ways K1CK would for professional athletes and entertainers. K1CK-4U will perform consulting services such as NCAA Interim NIL policy guidelines training and seminars, as well as provide private NIL consultation sessions and advisory services for individual student-athletes. K1CK-4U will also conduct team and individual sports counseling sessions, professional development seminars, and life skills workshops for high-school, college, and university sports teams and coaches. 

“Our goal with K1CK-4U is to provide the critical resources and necessary consultation student athletes need, as well as offer educational sessions to support them in whatever way they wish to monetize their name, image, and likeness. Much of our focus with K1CK-4U will be on helping student athletes understand the overall value of their current brand and recognize how to identify and take advantage of the right opportunities when presented, while also giving them the pro development skills they need to work with a variety of different kinds of brands and/or various types of businesses,” he said. 

According to Mr. Smothers, K1CK-4U will also address player retention matters, mentoring players concerning off the field issues, academic responsibilities, personal conduct, and team accountability. In addition, the program will also focus on professional development, engaging student-athletes in various discussions including causes they care about, their community service obligation, maximizing opportunities, and creative ways to use the power of their sport and position in the spotlight to become the role models they’re expected to be. 

“We encourage student-athletes to harness the love and passion they possess for their sport, and channel that same fiery obsession into making a real difference within their own community, using their talents to empower others and positively influence the next generation of student-athletes. The true impact God-given talent has on a community paves the way for future success, prosperity, and economic growth for many years to come,” he said. 

K1CK and K1CK-4U’s #1 priorities are to address every area of business and personal concern to help athletes and entertainers achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual balance – which leads to making better decisions, career success, prosperous business endeavors, and victory in all other areas of their lives. 

“Our mission and objectives are to help position athletes and entertainers to utilize their talents to reach their full God-given potential,” says Mr. Smothers. 

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