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At NEW HEIGHTS BMC we understand the critical importance of attracting and retaining top talent, and therefore invest aggressively in “talent management” and recruiting to identify the very best. 

We invest and devote a significant amount of time to the consideration of talent and have a proactive development and training program in place for the management process following the recruitment. 

We invest in young people through our Internship Program (professional services apprenticeships), providing explicit development milestones and regular feedback to ensure that individuals with potential in various areas of business are identified and given the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop. 

We acknowledge the importance of attracting and developing the right talent and have a clear sense of accountability for building the company’s broader talent base. We have prioritized the development of talent as a key strategic initiative. Allocating the time and energy to recruitment, vetting, feedback, and coaching by managers is critical to accomplish these goals. 

We also work with managers and develop deep and creative relationships with our search firm partners to ensure the best talent is recruited. Not only can NEW HEIGHTS BMC be increasingly called upon to assist with top talent recruitment, but also to identify and develop any talent already within their companies, or organizations.

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