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June 1, 2022

NEW HEIGHTS BMC Introduces Paid Internships for Louisiana College, University, and High School Students.

Staff writers | JUNE 1, 2022 

NEW HEIGHTS BMC Internship Program is created and developed by founder/CEO of NEW HEIGHTS BMC and NHBMC ENTERPRISES, Virgil Smothers. The program is a Louisiana-based internal and external program, focusing on professional services internships, allocated and managed via a collaborative effort by the members and strategic partners of NEW HEIGHTS BMC, NHBMC NETWORK, and various agencies and organizations. 

“NEW HEIGHTS BMC Internship Program is an internal and external paid internship program that services Louisiana high school, college, university, and graduate school students. We focus on connecting businesses and employers with talented students in Louisiana,” says Mr. Smothers. 

NEW HEIGHTS BMC Internship Program is designed to be a unique structured format that assist interning prospects with obtaining real career developmental experiences, and as such, participating clients are encouraged to delegate a diversified selection of assignments – with an emphasis on specific jobs, rather than clerical tasks – for the interns. Business managers are required to offer constant guidance and constructive feedback throughout the entire program. 

NEW HEIGHTS BMC believes internship placements with selected strategic partners, strategic alliances, and strategic alignment participants present excellent opportunities for students to learn and obtain real career experience, while utilizing their creativity, leadership skills, and specific area of study first-hand via on-the-job participation — in real business settings. 

According to Mr. Smothers, “The program is intended to impart knowledge, supply tools, sharpen skills, and grant experiences that participating interns will readily apply to future challenges and professional pursuits.” 

“Our goal is for participating candidates to enjoy diverse and challenging encounters, while making genuine contributions to our business development, consulting, and marketing efforts attained through various projects and tasks relating to: media relations, event promotions, advertising, public relations, product branding, social media marketing, live events, etc., “ he said. 

All internships are paid and offers college credit. Interns are required to work a min. of 15 hours per week, and full and part-time internships are available. 

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