NEW HEIGHTS BMC Restaurant Recovery Program

August 1, 2022

NEW HEIGHTS BMC Launches Restaurant Recovery Program for Louisiana Restaurants, Caterers, & Food Retailers.

Staff writers | AUGUST 1, 2022 

Baton Rouge business development firm NEW HEIGHTS BMC is currently involved in the production and product development of a pilot program soon to be launched initially as a restaurant recovery initiative for Louisiana entitled The RTC DIRECTORY / COVID-19 RECOVERY PROJECT – created, developed, and published by NEW HEIGHTS BMC and NHBMC ENTERPRISES’s founder and CEO, Virgil Smothers. 

The program is designed to assist in mitigating the overwhelming loss of revenue experienced by Louisiana restaurants, catering businesses, and food & beverage retailers, as well as the states’ tourism industry due to the effects of the COVID-19 virus. In addition to lessening the potential for ongoing revenue loss, Mr. Smothers believe the launch of this initiative and its product utilization can and will also alleviate future closures of Louisiana restaurants and other small businesses. 

“The product, system and services are expected to help stimulate economic growth, create new jobs, and aid in stabilizing the state’s restaurant, catering, and food & beverage retail industries, as well as support the promotion and progression of Louisiana’s tourism economy through active joint promotions – ensuring the state’s tourism and restaurant industries can once again thrive, and the restaurant and catering businesses can remain open and safely serve customers – even in the midst of a pandemic,” says Mr. Smothers. 

“As stated by Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, as we think about Louisiana’s future, we all have an enormous responsibility and must do what is best for our people, and our state. Therefore, at NEW HEIGHTS BMC we believe working together as a team with local businesses, along with our tourism leaders from all across the great state of Louisiana to launch and utilize this product/system to promote all of Louisiana’s amazing food and culture – which includes eating our delicious Louisiana seafood and attending our awesome festivals – can and will result in record breaking economic recovery and stabilization success,” he said. 

NEW HEIGHTS BMC hopes to initially launch and utilize the recovery project as a pilot program for Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes, then New Orleans, and finally statewide. 

If you, or your business or organization is interested in receiving more partnering information regarding this initiative and/or to better understand the role you can play in the project launch, please contact NEW HEIGHTS BMC by visiting the website at, or you can contact via phone at (225) 960-4044, or send an email to 

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