Operating Your Business Is What You Do…Marketing Your Business Is What We Do

We provide outsourced business consulting agents for our clients in need of business development and/or sales and marketing services for their business, products and/or services. Our marketing and consulting agents are highly skilled and overachieving former award-winning pharmaceutical, medical device, and/or advertising media sales account executives with very strong and loyal ties across the entire B2B (business-to-business) community, advertising industry and media sales & marketing marketplace. 

Your NEW HEIGHTS BMC Outsourced Consulting Agent manages your account and leads business development and direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns on your behalf. He/she quickly translates a deep and insightful understanding of your business and the patterns of your industry into sustainable business growth and sales success. 

We work with you and your management team to develop relevant and measurable results for your business. Your outsourced consulting agent will work intimately with your business over a 6-12 month period (or longer if desired) to create and implement a well-rounded sales & marketing program that offers an effective generation of leads, while maximizing your brands exposure. 

We act as your sales & marketing partners – performing territory analysis, generating leads, setting appointments, following up on sales calls, conducting contract procurement, and even closing sales for you — All with no internal staffing, little overhead, and no HR. 

Our clients benefit from our experience, professional business networking, and in-house expertise in all facets of the business marketing mix — from graphic design to web development, and from public relations to product branding, sales & marketing, commercial design, VOIP services, and even intern placements (if applicable). 

Additional benefits of our Outsource Consulting Program include: 

1) Our agents’ abilities to perform many of the same services as full or part time employees.

2) No extended learning curve because we know multiple industries and the desired targets. 

3) No ongoing cost obligations associated with full time employees, such as: 

▪ Payroll tax 

▪ Worker’s compensation 

▪ Superannuation 

▪ Sick leave 

▪ Paid vacation leave 

▪ Job training 

▪ Office space 

▪ Telephone 

▪ Mileage reimbursement 

▪ Healthcare expenses 

▪ Etc. 

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