Operating Your Business Is What You Do…Marketing Your Business Is What We Do

Through direct-to-consumer marketing, target demographic advertising methods, unique joint promotions, B2B cross promotions, and exclusive project sponsorships, NEW HEIGHTS BMC is able to identify, create and develop cutting edge business development and business marketing solutions — customized to fit the clients’ specific business needs. 

NEW HEIGHTS Business Marketing Consultants offers a variety of services to business clients. Many of the services are customized for each client. All projects require an initial face-to-face consultation and will be scheduled according to availability. The ultimate goal is to provide each client with tailormade services that includes a great sales plan, a unique and competitive sales & marketing strategy, and an innovative forward-thinking methodology that brings dynamic energy to the planning, implementation, and sales process — essentially the entire project. 

Whether it’s a start-up or already established business …We provide custom plans, programs, and services designed to help produce higher utilization rate, accelerate growth, elevate sales performance, enhance brand visibility, furnish larger market share, optimize operations, and ultimately present a more sustainable and profitable business

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