Cyber Security Analyst (IT-Tech Support)

NEW HEIGHTS Business Marketing Consultants, LLC / NEW HEIGHTS BMC MEDIA Baton Rouge, LA. United States
JOB ID: EMP982022-20


NEW HEIGHTS BMC MEDIA guides brands, businesses, agencies and start-ups through the concept and development of user-friendly advertising & marketing products, promotions, and strategies that highlight the uniqueness of each brand’s proposition.


The Cyber Security Analyst aids the Chief Technology Officer in overseeing the research, development, and implementation of the entire internal communications and external web and digital quality control processes. The goal of this role is to ensure the company operates with optimal online web and digital solutions through data analysis.

Individuals in this role are expected to multitask and handle a variety responsibilities including the researching and evaluating of emerging trends in information technology to determine their worth to the organization, managing real-time updates and creating ways to effectively communicating all changes, monitoring and maintaining the company’s computer systems and networks, installing and configuring systems, diagnosing hardware and software faults, and solving all technical and application problems.

Cyber Security Analyst duties also includes protecting online data form being compromised by installing firewalls, ensuring the company’s and its clients data security, safeguarding the organization's files and network, as well as creating security plans and monitoring activity. If a breach does occur, being responsible for identifying the problem and finding a solution quickly.


The initial staff is expected to assume multiple roles while undertaking multiple responsibilities. Your duties may include:

  • Setting up and keeping a record of digital User accounts and passwords
  • Implementing User access controls and identity to access management systems
  • Monitor network and application performance to identify and irregular activity
  • Perform regular audits to ensure security practices are compliant
  • Deploy endpoint detection and prevention tools to thwart malicious hacks
  • Set up patch management systems to update applications automatically
  • Implement comprehensive vulnerability management systems across all assets on-premises and in the cloud
  • Set up a shared disaster recovery/business continuity plan
  • Work with HR and/or team leads to educate employees on how to identify suspicious activity
  • Uncovering emerging technologies and latest web & digital trends and guidelines
  • Developing elements in design strategy and visual concepts for intranet (internal) and internet communications
  • Assisting with developing elements in design strategy and visual concepts for internet communications
  • Collecting and follow up on documentation for web and digital standards
  • Assist in overseeing data acquisition, data processing, and data extraction
  • Managing geospatial databases, map production, and development of report graphics
  • Weaving rich media techniques into creative solutions
  • Assisting with web narratives, function, and instructions for consumer utilization
  • Following a quality control focused workflow
  • Enforcing web and digital testing procedures
  • Working to test, critique, communicate and repair site issues within I.T.
  • Communicating with Sales, Marketing, and Graphic Design teams on web capabilities
  • Assisting with designing and developing art and graphic solutions to support web-based projects
  • ams across the organization


  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cyber
  • Cybersecurity
  • Risk Management
  • Information Security
  • Firewalls
  • Mitigation
  • Top Secret Clearance
  • Remediation Assessment
  • Comptia
  • Compliance
  • NIST
  • Hardware


  • Strategist – The Cyber Security professional must be able to proactively implement security measures and controls within our organization, weighing the consequences of any action. Advanced security protocols require tactical and strategic evaluations of workflows, dependencies, budgets, and resources. Because new methods to hack information are continually developing, our Cyber Security professional must be a step ahead, studying how hackers enter networks and uncovering the most effective procedures for thwarting them.

  • Communicators – Management and communication skills ensure effective coordination within our teams and with our clients. Technology and security touch every professional within the organization. Our Cyber Security professionals must always be ready and willing to interact in meaningful ways, training and empowering our team of employees to help protect our systems.

  • Lifelong Learners – Another must-have skill is technical competence. With the pace of development in IT Security, this means ongoing research, training, and earning standard certifications. Our Cyber Security professionals must be willing to constantly learn new advanced technology skills to be able to resolve any complex security issues we may face.

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