Advertising Clerk (Ad Art Collector)

NEW HEIGHTS Business Marketing Consultants, LLC / NEW HEIGHTS BMC MEDIA Baton Rouge, LA. United States
JOB ID: EMP982022-03


NEW HEIGHTS BMC MEDIA guides brands, businesses, agencies and start-ups through the concept and development of user-friendly advertising & marketing products, promotions, and strategies that highlight the uniqueness of each brand’s proposition.


The Advertising Clerk works very closely with all creative, business development, product development, and production personnel, including the Product Development Director, Art Director, Graphic Designers, Freelancers (photographers, videographers, etc.), Chief Technology Officer, Web & Digital Advertising Content Coordinator, Digital Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, Tech Support, Brand Marketing & Advertising Director, Promotional Marketing & Advertising Coordinator, Customer Service, and the Sales Team (Sales & Marketing Director, Account Executives, and Coordinator).

The Advertising Clerk performs as an ad managing liaison between the company, and the advertising business client community. The Advertising Clerk is expected to communicate, collect, and populate all advertisements, including videos, graphic sketches, designs, and copy layouts submitted by advertising clients and/or ad agencies for purposes of print, digital, and/or online content advertisements and/or featured promotions.

The Advertising Clerk also acts as a photo editor and researcher, selecting various images and artwork to accompany all articles. They may commission original work, or buy images and artwork from agencies, individual artists, and photographers. When buying images or artwork, the Advertising Clerk is charged with gaining company approval, then presenting and ensuring the execution of the company supplied licensing agreement with the owner of the copyright of the work they want to use.

The Advertising Clerk will also work very closely with the appropriate project personnel to collect all location and contact information related to all advertising and non-advertising businesses located in EBR Parish, as well as develop, maintain, and manage both an ongoing advertising business ‘database’ and a ‘database’ for all targeted non-advertising businesses.


The initial staff is expected to assume multiple roles while undertaking multiple responsibilities.

The Advertising Clerk will assist with major projects, as well as manage job duties, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Collecting and populating ads and advertising business info for the directory
  • Acting as a photo editor and researcher, selecting various images and artwork to accompany all articles.
  • Commissioning original work
  • Buying images or artwork from agencies, individual artists, and photographers.
  • Ensuring the execution of licensing agreements with owners of the copyright of the works they want to use.
  • Collecting information related to businesses located in EBR Parish
  • Analysis of and reporting on all findings related to businesses located in EBR Parish
  • Site visits to all business properties to identify where businesses are located
  • Finalize all data collection and review findings
  • Discuss reports with Product Development Team/Committee
  • Develop advertising interest and ad collection ‘questionnaire’
  • Develop advertising business ‘database’ and populate database with existing information
  • Update database with new or updated information and prepare for collection of new data
  • Confirm accuracy of existing information (including zoning)
  • Attend and gather business information at all project events
  • Review, revise and finalize all advertising documents
  • Make recommendations for updating/keeping info current
  • for posting on website

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