Production Consultant (Print Development Asst)

NEW HEIGHTS Business Marketing Consultants, LLC / NEW HEIGHTS BMC MEDIA Baton Rouge, LA. United States
JOB ID: FL982022-14


NEW HEIGHTS BMC MEDIA guides brands, businesses, agencies and start-ups through the concept and development of user-friendly advertising & marketing products, promotions, and strategies that highlight the uniqueness of each brand’s proposition. 


Before the Print Development Manager gives the materials to the printer, the Production Consultant has already scheduled press time, ordered paper, and made any other preparations possible with the printer. As soon as the printer receives the materials, the prepress process begins. If low-resolution images have been used, they will be replaced with high-resolution files. Any final color adjustments to the images will also be made at this time. The magazine is now ready to go to film. 

A printer will not run the press without final approval from the publisher. Therefore, a proof is pulled from the film so the magazine can sign off on it. Printers have several ways of making proofs, from blue lines to digital color proofs. At this point, the order of the pages is checked, and the entire publication is reviewed one last time for any errors. While the printer will charge for any changes that are made at this point, it is the last opportunity to make corrections without spending a great deal of money. Once this proof is approved, the magazine is ready to go to press. 

The Print Development Manager, the Art Director, and/or the Production Consultant will be present at the beginning of the press run (called a press check) for quality control purposes, which involves working with the press operators to ensure that the pages will run in register with acceptable color quality. Once satisfied with the press sheet, it will be signed and used as a reference throughout the press run. 


The Production Consultant is expected to assume multiple roles and responsibilities that may include: 

▪ Assisting with the entire execution of the physical directory production 

▪ Assisting with overseeing the final directory preparations for print production. 

▪ Assisting with producing the initial costing 

▪ Assisting with controlling the costs and schedule of the printing. 

▪ Assisting with ensuring that the directory is being printed to the required standard. 

▪ Assisting with organizing the outsourced printing and binding of the book and its delivery into the warehouse. 

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